When all adolescents learn equally, the world becomes more equal, too.

The Evidence for Gender and Education Resource (EGER) seeks to address gender inequalities
and injustices in global education. By providing easily accessible data and evidence, we
support the gender and education community as a knowledge partner and inform programs
and policies that shape the global agenda. With evidence and partnership at the center,
EGER seeks to create a world with better education for all.

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Organization and program profiles show what activities exist, who is behind them, and where they are taking place

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Data Visualization

Maps and tables provide an overarching view of what’s happening in the gender and education space

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Power in Numbers

A gender lens on education data to drive equity and empowerment

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Evidence to Practice

Search program approaches and outcomes to understand the current state of evidence

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The Latest Evidence from EGER

Systematic review: Policies and interventions to remove gender-related barriers to girls’ school participation and learning in low- and middle-income countries

This systematic review identified and assessed the strength of the evidence of interventions and exposures addressing gender-related barriers to schooling for girls in LMICs.

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Meeting the Moment: The gender & education community's response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted girls’ education across the globe in early 2020. In this brief, learn how the global gender and education community responded to this global crisis to ensure girls received the quality education they deserve.

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Girls' Education Roadmap

This first-of-its-kind report highlights the alignments and gaps within global gender and education efforts. We reviewed thousands of studies and assessed hundreds of organizations working across dozens of countries to figure out who's doing what, what's working where, and what are the biggest needs facing girls.

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Data on Learning Loss and What We Can Do About It

EGER hosted a virtual webinar on the latest evidence on learning loss during COVID-19, teaching at the right level, and long-term implications of inaction. Learn more about the most promising approaches used in the field to mitigate learning loss.

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Safety First: Eliminate Violence to Transform Education

Violence has devastating effects on brain development, health outcomes, and education achievement. On September 22nd we held a webinar to discuss the scope and scale of the problem and to learn about proven and promising solutions.

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