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After witnessing the conditions of the educational facilities (or lack thereof), experiencing the cycle of poverty and hopelessness that the children of rural Vietnam face, and acknowledging the fact that without help, thousands of children will fall into lives of crime, abuse, and human trafficking, the founders of Sunflower Mission felt they had to take substantial action. Sunflower Mission was formed for the sole purpose of providing opportunities for these children. By providing the means to a basic education, the doors are open for them to have a dignified and productive future. Since its founding in 2002, Sunflower Mission with Mona’s help has built 158 classrooms and funded over 14,000 scholarships for children in remote areas of Vietnam. To date, 400 of their scholarship students have graduated from college. Mona Foundation directly works with Sunflower Mission, a non profit with extensive experience, and strong presence in Vietnam, to provide access to K-12 education for thousands of marginalized students in remote villages of Vietnam. By building schools, and providing scholarships, 14,000 K-12 students have so far been supported, 400 of whom have also received scholarships and completed their college education. To ensure that K-12 scholarships are received and directly benefit the students, the Sunflower mission staff in Vietnam travel to each school located in very remote areas, often enduring incredible hardship in order to minimize expenses and maximize the dollars, to personally deliver the scholarships to the students.

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East Asia & Pacific

Viet Nam

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Non-governmental program


2002 -


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Areas of Work Back to Top

Education areas


  • School quality

Cross-cutting areas

  • Violence (at home, in relationships)

Program participants

Target Audience(s)

Boys (both in school and out of school), Girls (both in school and out of school)


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School Enrolment Status

Some in school

School Level

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Other populations reached

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Participants include

  • Orphans and vulnerable children

Program Approaches Back to Top

Facilities construction/improvement

  • Construction/improvement of classrooms
  • Construction/improvement of schools

Reducing economic barriers

  • Scholarships/stipends for school fees

Program Goals Back to Top

Education goals

  • Increased school completion (general)
  • Increased school enrolment (general)

Cross-cutting goals

  • Increased agency and empowerment
  • Increased employment/job-related skills
  • Reduced intimate partner violence
  • Reduced poverty/increase household well-being
  • Reduced violence against children in the home