Plan-it Girls

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Key Information

Plan-It Girls is an innovative program that seeks to build self-efficacy and employment skills among adolescent girls while shifting prevailing gender norms. Plan-It Girls adopts an ecosystem approach to build agency and gender equality at the local level, leveraging a catalytic personal advancement curriculum tailored for girls attending Grades 9 and 11 at government schools in Delhi (urban context) and two districts of Jharkhand (rural context).

Based on a socio-ecological approach, the program includes principals and teachers, parents, boys, community members, business leaders and policymakers to create an environment to support girls and their aspirations.

Lead Implementing Organization(s)


South Asia


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COVID-19 Response


Geographic Scope


Areas of Work Back to Top

Education areas


  • Transition from school to work

Other skills

  • Rights/empowerment education
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Vocational training


  • Curricula/lesson plans

Cross-cutting areas

  • Economic/livelihoods (including savings/financial inclusion, etc.)
  • Empowerment
  • Gender equality
  • Mentorship
  • Social and gender norms and beliefs

Program participants

Target Audience(s)

Girls (both in school and out of school), Youth


Not applicable or unknown

School Enrolment Status

Some in school

School Level

  • Lower primary
  • Upper primary
  • Lower secondary
  • Upper secondary

Other populations reached

  • Community leaders
  • Fathers
  • Mothers
  • Other caregivers
  • School administrators

Participants include

  • N/A

Program Approaches Back to Top

Community engagement/advocacy/sensitization

  • General awareness-raising/community engagement


  • Gender-sensitive curricula

Learning while working

  • Vocational training

Life skills education

  • Gender, rights and power

Policy/legal environment

  • Advocating changes to existing laws/policies

Reducing economic barriers

  • Financial literacy training

Social/gender norms change

  • Engaging parents/caregivers of students or school-age children/adolescents

Women's empowerment programs

  • Advocacy/action
  • Empowerment training

Program Goals Back to Top

Education goals

  • Improved critical thinking
  • Improved social and emotional learning/skills and mindsets
  • Increased grade attainment
  • Reduced absenteeism

Cross-cutting goals

  • Changed social norms
  • Improved financial literacy and savings
  • Increased advocacy/civic engagement
  • Increased agency and empowerment
  • Increased employment/job-related skills
  • Reduced poverty/increase household well-being

Additional Information Back to Top

Primary Contact

Jessica Ogden
International Center for Research on Women (ICRW)
Director, Business Development