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The DeliverEd initiative will explore what structures, processes, and practices governments are establishing to more effectively focus their bureaucracies and frontline professionals to achieve desired education policy goals. This will create a better understanding of what tools leaders can use to guide their reform efforts. DeliverEd will also define what different delivery approaches entail and what evidence exists for their efficacy in improving education outcomes. Case studies across five research countries using a delivery approach – Ghana, Pakistan, Tanzania, Jordan, and India – will investigate how national education priorities in these governments are translated into desired outcomes and what mechanisms are most effective in improving implementation practices at the center of government, district, and school level to actually result in policies reaching schools, teachers, and students. By building a greater understanding of how governments can achieve their policy priorities along the delivery chain, DeliverEd will provide evidence to help governments which are grappling with how to improve their systems. Ultimately, this will strengthen their ability to implement reforms which could improve learning outcomes. DeliverEd will produce both academic articles and policy briefs accessible to decision-makers interested in learning from this research. Stakeholder engagement will inform the research, integrate the perspectives of practitioners, and build a community of engagement around learning from the research. A high-level advisory group will support this engagement by providing guidance on the program’s content and outputs, and by connecting DeliverEd to other relevant initiatives and partners, particularly policymakers in developing countries.

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Middle East & North Africa, South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa

Ghana, Jordan, Pakistan, United Republic of Tanzania

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None - 2022


University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government

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COVID-19 Response


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